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Kathleen Moran

2002 - 2003 CEIRP Fellow

Research Interest:
Urban Ecology and Urban Forestry

Much of my coursework, research and internship experience has focused on the interaction between humans and natural resources. The emerging fields of urban ecology and urban forestry center on a nature that is more familiar to most people; that of street trees, dwindled wildlife biodiversity and intense resource conflict. My most recent internship has been working with CaseyTrees Endowment Fund, undertaking a massive street tree inventory in the District of Columbia. This inventory includes assessing tree health, structural stability and accounting for all environmental parameters of the planting space.

I would like to use this experience to develop a long term unit on street tree health and management in which students would be involved in developing an inventory and testing it. Furthermore, I would be interested in developing a thematic unit on endangered species. This would require long-term teacher cooperation among various subjects so students can overcome the popular perception of science as an isolated subject. Activities in all subject matters can introduce students to the important intersection of science, policy, economics and creativity while engaging them in research, debate and teamwork. I would also be interested in helping teachers develop and implement hands on labs to help elucidate hard to understand scientific concepts, which are covered in class.



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