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CSIP In the News
  • "Cortland High School students to present findings at Cornell" Cortland Standard. Mar. 22, 2006. Read this article.
  • "Cortland High School students learn lesson on fowl behavior" Cortland Standard. Oct. 22, 2005. Read this article.
  • CSIP fellows take research passions into public K-12 classrooms " Cornell Chronicle. March 31, 2005. Read this article.
  • "Student uses tsunami to teach area teens about science, tragedy" Cornell Chronicle. January 20, 2005. Read this article.
  • "Eye on education: Inquiry in K-12 classrooms: Graduate students and teachers team up" Bioscience, April 2004. Read this article.
  • "CU graduate students partner with area high schoolers to push science inquiry" Cornell Chronicle. April 8, 2004. Read this article.
  • "At Geneva High, the nose knows" Finger Lakes Times, Geneva, NY. Feb. 3, 2004. Read this article (PDF file).
  • " Environmental Inquiry wins Environmental Quality Award from EPA. May 9, 2003. Read this article.
  • "Cornell program selects 10 fellows to teach in public schools" Cornell Chronicle. April 22, 2003. Read this article.
  • "What can university scientists offer to K-12 schools?" The Volunteer Monitor. Volume 15, Number 1. Winter 2003. Read this article (PDF file).
  • "Cornell program that gives full financial support to graduate students teaching in U.S. schools given $1.5 million by NSF to expand its work." Cornell Chronicle. February 13, 2003. Read this article.
  • "Invasion Ecology curriculum from Cornell helps middle-schoolers do real science by asking questions and developing own research." Cornell Chronicle. February 13, 2003. Read this article.
  • "Landfill project spurs Biology students' interest in ecology, community, and the future." The Chronicle. Winter 2003. Read this article (PDF file).
  • "Mynderse students tackle landfill issue." The Reveille. January 9, 2003. Read this article.
  • "Melittobia digitat & Brassica rapa: Cornell University Comes to Marcus Whitman!" Marcus Whitman Central School District Newsletter. April 2002. Read this article.
  • "Cornell Students Lead Environmental Science Research in Local High Schools." Cornell Environmental Update. Fall 2001. Read this article (PDF file).
  • "Real Scientific Inquiry Stimulates Young Minds in New York's Schools." Cornell Focus. April 2000. Read this article
  • "NSF grant provides CU students with teaching fellowships." Cornell Chronicle. November 4, 1999. Read this article.
  • "New Awards Connect Higher Education and K-12 Classrooms." NSF News. October 25, 1999. Read this article.
  • "CALS Students Take Research into High Schools." CALS News. November 1999. Read this article.
  • "New Wave of Graduate Students to Enrich K-12 Classrooms," NSF News. April 11, 2001. Read this article.



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