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Kathleen Moran
CEIRP Project

During the the 2003 Fall semester I worked in two Living Environment science classes at Ithaca High School. The classes were very different as one was composed of students with special needs while the other was a more advanced class. In both classes I assisted the teacher in carrying out labs and helping the students understand new and complicated material.

For the more advanced of the two classes, I rewrote a college level lab on photosynthesis and starch production, catering it specifically for a Regents level living environment class. The teacher and I did the lab with all her classes over a two day period. During the spring semester I am going to continue working in both classes. In the more advanced class I am going to be helping the teacher redesign her ecology unit. The template that I would like to follow for creating labs is as follows:

  1. Present students with an ecological hypothesis.
  2. Have students carry out an experiment/activity that tests the hypothesis
  3. Students will interpret their results to decide whether or not the results support the hypothesis.

In this way students will learn that ecology is not a collection of facts but, rather, a collection of our best hypotheses.






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