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Ozone and Weather
Stephen Jessup
2003-2004 Fellow

This unit uses a "model versus reality" framework to explore the relationships between weather parameters and ground-level ozone pollution. Once students become familiar with some introductory background information, they use a web-based interactive model to simulate the effects of different weather variables and levels of pollutant emissions on ground-level ozone concentrations. Then, they acquire archived ozone and weather data and explore how these relationships are expressed in reality.

Through these activities, students gain a greater understanding of the physical mechanisms contributing to ozone pollution. They also gain insights into being a scientist by working with models and attempting to relate their model results to reality. Finally, the activities build a base of knowledge with which students can discuss the societal consequences of ground-level ozone and explore ways to mitigate this pollution problem.

The unit was piloted with Mark Johnson's New Visions Environmental Science class based out of the Tompkins/Seneca/Tioga BOCES, and with Bill MacNeill and Dave Wiley's Environmental Science class at Whitney Point High School, Whitney Point, NY. Both of these piloting sessions contributed immensely to the final product that appears here.

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