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Stephen Jessup

2003 - 2004 CSIP Fellow

Research Interest:
Atmospheric Sciences

I have several research interests in the field of atmospheric science. I am currently working on a project to analyze lake effect snowfall events from the winter of 2002-2003 that were either induced or enhanced by the Finger Lakes. I hope to use the understandings gained from this winter's lake effect events in predicting similar events next winter. The current surface observing network is fairly sparse in the Finger Lakes region, and the addition of a weather station at cooperating school(s), if feasible, could enhance the current surface data. A school weather station would also give the students in a cooperating school both a tool for their own learning and an opportunity for hands-on involvement in my research.

My Master’s thesis research will involve a study of the impact of East Coast winter storms, more commonly referred to as nor’easters, on reservoir supplies in the Northeast. In particular, I will be studying the significance of an extremely snowy or an extremely dry winter on reservoir supplies of the Northeast’s major metropolitan areas. I have done some work with the MM5 mesoscale model, and over the summer I will be helping a recent Cornell graduate to configure the model to provide daily forecasts in the atmospheric science department. I also have a personal interest in the science of global components of the Earth system and the feedback processes that maintain the delicate balance that supports life.

I hope to apply my interests and my wide background of atmospheric science, geology, and astronomy course work to an Earth Science classroom. More specifically, I would like to use practical applications of Earth Science concepts as a framework for students to understand scientific research methods and to appreciate the impact of research in meteorology, geology, and astronomy on their everyday lives.




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