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Katherine Porter

2003 - 2004 CSIP Fellow

Research Interest:Geology
Mantle Geochemistry and Subduction Zone Processes

My current research involves modeling of the chemical and physical processes that have affected the chemical composition of the Earth's interior. In particular, I am interested in how subducted material (material from the Earth's surface that is mixed into the mantle when tectonic plates collide) has influenced the Earth'schemical evolution. I primarily work with theoretical models of chemical and physical processes, and I test my theories using observed data from the field.

My primary interests in science education are in the dissemination of scientific knowledge, particularly in the Earth Sciences, and in introducing young women into scientific fields. I feel that the Earth Sciences will play an increasingly important role in the world as humans continue to interact with and change the environment. My hopes are that, as a CSIP fellow, I will be able to create a strong interest in the Earth Sciences in high school students, who will then go on to follow that interest in college and beyond. I also hope to provide a positive example for high school aged young women, and to encourage them to follow their scientific interests.

Although my current research is rather esoteric, I have a wide range of other interests that might provide excellent starting points for K-12 activities. Because the science of geology encompasses many other scientific fields, I have an excellent overall scientific knowledge base, and I can easily adapt my interests to those of the students with which I am interacting.




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