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Dan Ardia

2003 - 2004 CSIP Fellow

Research Interest:
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

My research interests are broad, but generally focus on the ecology and behavior of vertebrates, especially birds and mammals, although I have long-term side interest in forest ecology. In my own graduate research, I study the reproductive biology of tree swallows, but I have prior research experience with the social behavior of birds, habitat and population ecology of small mammals, and forest ecology.

I am particularly interested in developing field-based activities that are integrated with classroom objectives so as to enhance and strengthen both approaches. While my own bias is on teaching hypothesis testing and developing critical thinking skills, I am open to other perspectives. Some examples of field-based projects include using nestboxes to study birds or live traps to study small mammals, and testing relationships between soil and forest ecology. Another area of interest would involve students researching an environmental controversy such as acid rain and forest clearing. By gathering published evidence from multiple sources, students could generate their own informed opinions about underlying issues and possible solutions.




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