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Tania Schusler

2002 - 2003 CEIRP Fellow

Research Interest:
Natural resources policy and management

I am a Ph.D. student in natural resource policy and management. My dissertation interests revolve around youth engagement in action to improve the environment in their communities. I am especially interested in how adults can enable young people to ask and seek answers to their own questions about the world around them. In my mind, this is the essence of the scientific process.

My M.S. research, also conducted at Cornell University, (a) examined social learning that occurred among stakeholders in a participatory planning process for the Lake Ontario Islands Wildlife Management Area, and (b) investigated the potential for collaborative natural resource management between state fish and wildlife agencies and local communities. This research grew from my interest in better understanding innovative mechanisms for engaging citizens as well as experts in natural resources decision-making.

Prior to attending Cornell, I managed the volunteer program for the Wisconsin Chapter of The Nature Conservancy for four years and, thus, am familiar with both theory and practice in conservation biology. I also possess a B.S. in environmental science from the University of Illinois, where my course work included ecology, plant biology, and chemistry, in addition to economics, political science and regional planning.



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