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Jennifer Shirk

2001- 2003 CEIRP Fellow

Research Interest: Environmental Education & Herpetology

Department: Natural Resources

My interest in CEIRP stems from an undergraduate and professional background in field ecology followed by years of teaching science concepts in non-traditional settings, with a long-standing desire to merge the two interests. Most recently I have been working in the Education Office of the Smithsonian's Conservation & Research Center (CRC), and my thesis work at Cornell will be based on CRC programs and citizen science initiatives that strive to include students in the entire process of scientific research.

My specific area of expertise and interest is in amphibian ecology, and while I would truly enjoy the opportunity to share this particular love with students I have also developed lessons and taught concepts ranging from marine ecology to composting. In general, my commitment is to helping students develop the ability to question and gain the skills to seek answers, and through doing so offer them a sense of place and connection to the natural systems by which they are surrounded.



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