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Angela Rivenshield

2001- 2002 CEIRP Fellow

Research Interest: Urban Horticulture

Department: Soil Science

I have spent the past four years working on ways and means to remediate compacted urban soil using organic amendment. Prior research (Rivenshield, 2001) has shown that the additon of organic amendment into a disturbed soil alleviates the negative effects of compaction, including reducing bulk density and increasing macroporosity. My current research is an investigation into establishing a correlation between percolation rates and macroporosity. The connection exists in that the greater the amount of macropores within a soil the better the percolation rate. However, no consistent data exists on what the thresholds are for macroporosity. This is what I will be investigating, particularly as it relates to woody plants.

As an undergraduate I did research in plant pathology (Dutch Elm Disease) and Black Bear (Ursus americana) behaviour. I have a strong background in plant and soil science, as well as environmental ecology and zoology. I have developed and presented units on soil site assessment (East H.S., Rochester), allelopathy (ScienCenter, Ithaca), hydroponics (Waverly Elementary, Waverly), Soil as a resource (Ithaca H.S., Ithaca), and botany (S. Cayuga H.S., S. Cayuga), composting basics (Belle Sherman Elementary, Ithaca). I am currently putting together a unit on plant-animal interactions that I would like to pilot.



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