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The Wonderful World of Isopods
Shannon Olsson
2003-2004 Fellow

This lab, designed for use in middle school or high school biology and life science classes, enables students to design and carry out a simple experiment related to animal behavior within a single class period. Students use inquiry skills to observe isopod behavior and then develop and test hypotheses based on their observations.

This activity was piloted in 2004 with an AP Biology class at Geneva High School in Geneva, NY, and with a 7th grade accelerated science class at Seneca Falls Middle School in Seneca Falls, NY. Both classes performed the lab in one 40-55 minute period and found it to be a fun and interesting introduction to animal behavior. Tips in the Teacher's Guide resulted from these pilot lessons.

Downloadable WORD files:

Teacher's Guide

Student Materials:

Middle School Version
High School Version



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