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Controlled Release Drug Delivery from Hydrogels
Keith Neeves
2004-2005 Fellow

The objective of this project is to introduce students to the concepts of diffusion, polymers and polymerization reactions, and enzyme mediated reactions by designing and testing a controlled release drug delivery system. These types of systems are also referred to as localized drug delivery because an implant that releases drugs is placed directly into diseased tissue. Here, we use gelatin as a drug delivery vehicle and food dye as a model drug. Physiological conditions are simulated by placing a cube of the drug delivery system into a test tube with varying ionic and enzymatic conditions. The release of the food dye into the surrounding aqueous environment is measured using a spectrophotomer.

This curriculum was developed by Keith Neeves, a graduate student in the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Cornell University. The curriculum was piloted and refined in Patricia Carroll’s (Newark Valley High School) and Sarah Brumberg’s (Lehman Alternative Community School) chemistry classes.

Downloadable files:

Teachers Guide (PDF)

Student Version (PDF)





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