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Exploration of Runoff and Infiltration:
Student Experiments with a Homemade Rainmaker

Bianca Moebius
2005-2006 CSIP Fellow

and Irka Elsevier
Earth Science Teacher, Penn Yan High School, NY

In this unit, students design and conduct experiments on runoff and infiltration, either outside or in the classroom. They learn basic soil characteristics through investigations into how the processes of runoff and infiltration work, how they are influenced by human activity, and how they in turn affect the environment.

Apparatus used by university scientists to simulate rainfall for infiltration and runoff experiments Sample apparatus that can be built by students for similar types of experiments

Downloadable files:

Teacher's Guide
Materials List for Full Project
Grading Rubric for Final Project

Pre and Post Quiz (non-Regents)

Student Handouts:

Tips for Equipment Design
Worksheets and Final Project Guidelines
Post-Project Student Survey




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