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Experiments with Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition
Molly Moffe
2002 - 2003 Fellow

This series of experiments is designed to assist students in visualizing how streams form, where streams cause erosion and deposition in a watershed, and where erosion and deposition occur within a stream itself. In the final activity, students design and conduct experiments to explore how surface area relates to the rate of weathering of minerals and rocks.

These activities are in the form of short-term experiments, exposing students to basic principles of designing and conducting experiments. If all four activities in the series are completed, students will see interconnections not expressed in many textbooks among the processes of weathering, erosion and deposition. These are available as WORD or PDF files:

Teacher's Guide: WORD or PDF

Student Versions:

Activity 1. Stream Table Observations: WORD or PDF

Activity 2. Stream Velocity and Erosion: WORD or PDF

Activity 3. Stream Velocity and Deposition: WORD or PDF

Activity 4. Weathering and Surface Area: WORD or PDF




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