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Human Population vs. Consumption
Brooke Zanetell
2001 - 2002 Fellow

In this activity, students will develop critical thinking and awareness about the complexity of natural resource use, wealth distribution, population densities, poverty, and the environment. Students may, for the first time, think about people living in different parts of the world and about the varying effects of population vs. consumption in rich and poor countries. For example, is a family of four in the USA that consumes a lot of resources better or worse for the environment than a family of 10 in Kenya that use only a small amount of resources in daily living? The discussion and follow-up lab bring up themes of equity, war, greed, responsibility, and caring. There are three components to this activity, all of which are in PDF (Adobe Acrobat Required) and MS Word formats

1) Lesson outline and explanations for teachers (PDF, Word)
2) Critical thinking questions for student completion (PDF, Word)
3) Country statistics spreadsheet for use during activity (PDF, Word)





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