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Introduction to Organelles
Jenn Dearolf
2001 - 2002 Fellow

I have developed three lectures designed to introduce students to transmission and scanning electron microscopy and cellular organelles. The lectures on the transmission electron microscope (TEM) and scanning electron microscope (SEM) are designed to enhance units on microscopy. They include information about why electron microscopes can produce greater magnifications than light microscopes, how to prepare tissue for viewing on the TEM and SEM, and pictures of various specimens viewed with the microscopes. In addition, the lectures include pictures of the TEM and SEM at Cornell University.

The organelle lecture includes information about some of the most recent findings concerning the mitochondrion and the golgi apparatus. A reading from the March 5, 1999 issue of Science was given as a handout with this lecture - "Can mitochondrial clocks keep time?" by Evelyn Strauss, pages 1435-1438.

To compliment the organelle lecture, I designed a laboratory exercise that has students build organelles using everyday items. To keep the students on task, the exercise also includes questions they should be able to answer. In addition, as a wrap up, the students are asked to come together and build a cell with their organelles, and once the cell is constructed, they discuss how different organelles communicate with each other. Click here to download this exercise as a PDF file, or click here to view it as an HTML (web-based) file.




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